Squat Culture

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In a nutshell In an evening long event artist Denis Buckley explores the concept of Squat Culture, a celebration of ephemeral and unfettered creative experimentation made in response to increasing demands for artistic value. Go on... As an immigrant artist arriving in London during the week of Live Aid, Irish artist Denis Buckley had nowhere to live and more importantly to him at the time, nowhere to work. Through a network of activists and artists he found space and like-minded people to work and live with. Some of the spaces used were co-operatives and some were Squats. The attitude of creating work within temporary environments, (unsure of the longevity of space and time allowed), infiltrated his practice. This has led him to recently question the principle of wider artistic value and wonder how younger artists deal with the pressure of trying to create in a city with limited space and even more limited time. Creating an evening event under the guise of an opening gives those not familiar with Squat parties an idea of the relevance of an ephemeral action. An audience partakes in the event but what is left is the trace of our collective experience. Who's Involved Denis Buckley is an Irish artist who has lived and worked in London over 30 years. He has taken solo social interventions, street action and performance worldwide. He has shown film at major festivals, been selected for national exhibitions and held solos shows. His most recent solo exhibition toured the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris. Why does Rich Mix matter? 'Rich Mix matters because of the voice it gives to those from outside the UK, who come with already powerful cultural legacies then find new traditions are created as consequence of their displacement and these new visions need a place to be seen and shared with others experiencing the same thing but not finding a representation of that experience in their adopted country.' Find out more www.denisbuckley.com Review of 'brightness' on Real Time Arts Things you should know Suitable for ages