Prison Tan Series: Yowl

Prison Tan Series: Yowl

10 Aug 2018 - Free entry LIVE YOWL LOOSE TOUNGES LICE DJS We’ve hooked up with one of our favourite bands in London   for a last minute surprise headline show! Nobody’s happy putting up with poor job prospects and a city pricing out the poorest, but the Peckham-formed YOWL capture a frustration of the 9-to-5 London grind like few others. And in frontman Gabriel Byrde, they have someone who can spin poetry on songs about alienation and exhaustion. YOWL are often viciously loud, but Byrde’s fanciful delivery gives them an edge. FREE ENTRY // DOORS 8PM     This one is goes out to the pale and interesting, all the sun haters, the hot under the collar and the aircon crew, the redheads and the regular sweaters. This year, like the last 18 before it, we’re working on our prison tans* here at The Social on Little Portland St. Over the course of 13 air conditioned Fridays this June, July and August we’re teaming up with some of the greatest labels in the land (and Nashvil

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  • London
  • UK
  • W1W 7JD
  • Price Free entry
  • Aug. 10, 2018, 8 p.m.