The Silver Bullet

The Silver Bullet Stage is a party poppin’ festival space featuring the best acts from the underground music scenes. Our vision is to continue uniting our like-minded communities by providing the perfect platform for people powered by passion. Our story began nearly 7 years ago when The Silver Bullet bar was launched in Finsbury Park, London. Gaining quick success from our philosophy of providing high quality acts from our favourite independent music scenes - The Silver Bullet evolved into a legendary late night music venue, a vital cultural hub renowned for representing a diverse range of musical movements, sounds and scenes 364 days a year until 4am. Together with our tribe of caring crew mates we created a catalyst for culture. Focused on building a firm foundation for lovers of frequencies and vibrations, providing top-spec equipment, a sublime sound system with amazing alternating artwork, stocking alternative media and a wide range of rad & affordable drinks.

What's on at The Silver Bullet

  • 4-5 Station Pl
  • London
  • UK
  • N4 2DH
Phone: 20 7619 3639
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