St Patrick's Festival: Pauline Bewick Art Exhibition

St Patrick's Festival: Pauline Bewick Art Exhibition

Pauline Bewick is one of Ireland's most acclaimed artists. You will see work from her journeys across Ireland, Wales, England, Tuscany, Turkey, China and the South Pacific, etc. For more than 70 years Bewick has represented her life in sketchbooks, sculpture, paper, canvas, tapestry etc, pouring out her emotional and intellectual thoughts. The past 35 years have seen Pauline’s work develop into an internationally recognisable style, becoming an integral part of Ireland’s cultural legacy. The artist herself, however, continues to follow her own path. Over the years she has created work which reflect her own philosophies, such as the Yellow Man, her ideal being. She lived with the Maurie people for over two years in the South Pacific, painting and writing, hoping to find the perfect society.  On turning 70, Pauline donated 500 pieces of her life’s work to the Irish Nation. The Seven Ages Collection represents each decade and facet of a woman’s life, and are on display in Waterford

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