MOCHUDI, Ayo Bamidele , BEN HEMMING , Tenacity & Lithium

MOCHUDI, Ayo Bamidele , BEN HEMMING , Tenacity & Lithium

MOCHUDI 6PM Fresh on the London scene tempting you in with a laidback beat, seductive harmonies and telecaster guitar, her enchanting take on songwriting will send you back to your roots as she journeys out from hers.  Verging on the outskirts of neo-soul, jazz, blues and folk,  Mochudi  draws you in with her unique spirit and soulful, bluesy vocal style.   Ayo Bamidele 7PM Acoustic rootsy soul artist   BEN HEMMING 8PM Ben Hemming didn’t find the Blues… the Blues found him. During a bad patch in his life, when he’d lost his woman, was stuck in a dead end job, and down on his l uck, he decided to make a change. Leaving everything behind, he took to the road on a musical pilgrimage around America that would come to define his sound and himself. Picking up an old guitar in a pawn shop along the way he found gigs from town to town playing his way across the states in the tradition of the delta Bluesmen before him.  Then while stumbling home drunk one night along

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