Neda Eliza Khalili, 2 Chicks and a Banjo & MANGOSEED

Neda Eliza Khalili, 2 Chicks and a Banjo & MANGOSEED

Neda Eliza Khalili 7:30PM 2 Chicks and a Banjo 8:30PM   9:30PM  Raw   Funk   Maharishi 3 piece jazz,  funk , electronica band   11pm MANGOSEED Mangoseed Are a band comprising of a Trinidadian, a Jamaican, an Irish and a Australian. Formed in 2008 by frontman Nicholai La Barrie and guitarist Karlos Cole man, Mangoseed fuse funk guitar riffs and rock bass with a poetical hip hop lyrical delivery to create their own unique sound. Mangoseed are known for their highly energetic live shows and their eclectic sound, drawing from genres that range from reggae to funk.

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